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Martina Sablikova - Karatbars Collector Card

Martina Sablikova, world famous speed skater supports us with her own branding card. She is a Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She became the first Czech to win two Olympic gold medals at one Winter Games in the 2010 Olympiad. The profits from the sale of these cards will help build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic.

Karatbars supports Voices of Africa with their own branded card. This foundation is dedicated to providing sustainable development through information, empowerment, food and education to children in Africa.

And to top it off, we have thousands upon thousands of very happy affiliates

around the globe (123 countries) making money with Karatbars!

Affiliates get paid what they have earned, on time each Friday

and Gold shipments are always received in a timely manner.


Do Not use the term Investment when referring to Physical Gold - 

Do refer to Physical Gold as a hedge against inflation or the commonly accepted terms of   

Wealth Insurance/ Protection. Terms such as investment are reserved for licensed

professionals who sell or offer paper derivatives. Our Karatbars gold bullion product is a

physical asset. It is imperative you do not represent yourself as a financial expert

unless you are licensed in this field.


Do Not publicly Copy or Share in any manner your Commissions Earnings.   

this is considered Inducement and is punishable by law.

Do share the earnings potential one can achieve as a Karatbars Affiliate. 


Do Not use Karatbars name, Trademarked name, logo or proprietary images, Copyright Image, of Karatbars International or materials without Corporate Approval.  

Do submit  a support ticket for your marketing campaigns, emails, blogs, websites, ad copy for corporate approval using the Green Help button on the left side of each page of our corporate website: karatbars.com 


Do Not infer you are an employee or staff member of Karatbars International.  

Do Always represent yourself as an Affiliate both in print and verbally. 


Do Not agree to speak to the media on behalf of Karatbars International. This is a violation of the Affiliate Terms and Conditions and may result in the cancellation of your affiliate status. 


Do Not Use the Karatbars International platform to discuss or speak disparingly about government entities, political parties, or public institutions. We must remain ethical and of good character at all times when representing Karatbars International. 


Do Not refer to our company as KB, KBI or any other shortened version. 

Do refer to Karatbars as Karatbars. Our company name is a Trademarked name that represents our product. This is important for branding our company. We prefer you only use the name Karatbars and not shorten the name by using initials. This also will prevent us from being confused with other companies in the marketplace. 


Do Not offer Tax advice of any kind without being duly liscensed in the locality in which you live.  

Do If someone asks you for tax advice, it is advisable you refer them back to their very own trusted tax professional and adviser. 


Do Not refer to Karatbars International as a MLM company. 

Do refer to Karatbars International as a E Commerce Company. We offer a very lucrative affiliate rewards program like many online businesses around the world. The difference is very clear. Our company has zero sponsorship requirements or monthly purchase requirements in order to earn commissions. Our affiliates can refer others to an online Gold Savings Plan and earn commissions whether or not they personally purchase our products. 


Do Not refer to Karatbars gold as certified. Gold is assayed and given a warranty of certification. 

Do refer to Karatbars as being assayed for fineness, purity, & weight by a licensed assayer. 


Do Not refer to our chosen LBMA refineries as Certified. 

Do understand the LBMA Accredits refineries. Always refer to our product as "produced by an LBMA ACCREDITED refinery". 



Very Important:

We understand the excitement level as your organizations begin to grow. However, we do want to impress on each of you that our company does not afford affiliates the opportunity to move to various sponsors within our organization. If an affiliate has registered previously under a particular sponsor, he/she cannot be moved to a new sponsor. We intend to respect the original sponsor which referred the Karatbars opportunity to you. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The ethics and integrity of each individual within our company must be maintained. If for some reason, you do not have access to your direct sponsor, we will connect you with the top Leaders in your group for help and support.


Do's and Don'ts