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Martina Sablikova - Karatbars Collector Card

Martina Sablikova, world famous speed skater supports us with her own branding card. She is a Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She became the first Czech to win two Olympic gold medals at one Winter Games in the 2010 Olympiad. The profits from the sale of these cards will help build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic.

Karatbars supports Voices of Africa with their own branded card. This foundation is dedicated to providing sustainable development through information, empowerment, food and education to children in Africa.

And to top it off, we have thousands upon thousands of very happy affiliates

around the globe (123 countries) making money with Karatbars!

Affiliates get paid what they have earned, on time each Friday

and Gold shipments are always received in a timely manner.



Q: I have seen three different people on the videos make three different statements pertaining to the required amount of gold purchased per month and the # of referees per month to maintain the requirements to receive all the bonuses. Please clarify. 


A: Legally we are classified as an E Commerce company which also offers an Affiliate program. We adhere to the E commerce rules set forth by Germany and the World Trade Organization. There are zero sponsorship requirements nor are there any purchase requirements from our company. The Compensation plan is an optional affiliate based system whereas the affiliate chooses to "personally commit" to the plan, but by no means is it a requirement. 


Q: Is the gold you purchase sent directly to you when it is purchased? 


A: Every customer or affiliate of Karatbars is able to maintain, direct and manage their own account. If you choose delivery you can can have your gold shipped directly to you. Karatbars also offers FREE gold storage or you can request storage that is NOT FREE in either Switzerland or Singapore. all with the highest security standards until you want it shipped directly to you. 


Q: Is the gold in a separate account apart from the cash that would be used off of the Mastercard? 


A: Absolutely! The MasterCard is a convenient way for Karatbars to pay commissions to the affiliate. You can use your card anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted and it a very easy means of converting cash into gold if you choose. The gold itself can be delivered or held in the vaults. 


Q: Is it insured by someone and is there a written contract that states who has it and it is obtainable with out a lot of trouble? 


A: Yes, there is an insurance policy that covers the gold held in the vault. Anytime the client wishes to take delivery, an order is either a) called in b) by written request. The information is sent to the vaulting company where arrangements are made for shipment / delivery. The gold is also insured throughout the delivery process. The insurance is valid until you sign that you have received your gold and have it in hand. 


Q: What is the KYC that is talked about and since I am not that computer literate how do I upload to the office what ever documents are required? 


A: KYC is also known as "Know Your Customer" or the Patriot Act. All financial institutions are required by law to maintain a current list of its clients documentation and further verify no individual has been associated with terrorism or money laundering activity. You can scan a copy of your docs and upload them to your back office or simply take a picture using a cell phone and email them to yourself where you can save a copy to your computer and upload the docs to your back office. 


Q: Do you automatically receive the Master Card or is there amount of gold that has to be put into the account. I do realize something would have to be in the account but just wondered if you automatically had the account set up? 


A: The MasterCard account is set up once you have earned a minimum of 35€ ($45) in commissions. The set up of the card is 20€ ($25) and the balance of 15€ ($20) is the amount for the minimum deposit on the card. The card may also be pre-ordered (prior to commissions) for affiliates who opt to participate in our optional Dual System Pay Plan. The client must have a Silver business package or higher prior to pre-ordering the card. 


Q: What about family members, Spouse particularly, using the account and would the spouse have the same account with a duplicate card or separate accounts? 


A: We do not offer joint accounts, however, husband and wife may choose to have individual accounts set up. Each Karatbar account has an option to add a beneficiary. Each Karatbar account will have a separate Karatbar MasterCard set up in order for commissions to be paid out. 


Q: One video stated that on a corporate or business account that there would only be one designee to operate the account, could you clarify? 


A: Yes, that is correct. If an individual owns a business, our system is designed for only one individual or signature of authority be authorized to manage the account. 


Q: Could you also clarify the establishment of children's accounts and the setup process. 


A: Individuals may create a Customer account for children under the age of 18. A child's account is not eligible to receive earned commissions. For more info refer to the "How To Get Started" page. 


Q: Training is also important particularly as to what can be said and not said when presenting the program. Where could I obtain this? 


A: The Terms and Conditions are located in our back office. You can register for a free account to view these terms and conditions without any obligation. The primary rules are to be honest and of good character. We do not allow affiliates to use the words investment nor give tax advise unless they are fully licensed by their local states/ province or Country. All questions of this manner should be referred to a trusted specialist who is familiar with the laws of are in which you reside. 


Q: Are there Presentation Videos that can be obtained and instructions on the use of them? 


A: Presentations are available in your back office or through a Senior affiliate Leader of Karatbars International. 


Q: Do the cost of the Plans and or the Gold prices fluctuate with the spot price of Gold? Do the Gram Prices fluctuate? 


A: Yes, the prices of gold are set daily by the London Fix. Prices are adjusted daily. 


Q: How are the tax implications on profits handled? 


A: You will be considered an Independent Contractor. All questions of this manner should be referred to a trusted specialist who is familiar with the laws of are in which you reside. Each individual should adhere to the tax guidelines & requirements where they reside.