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Martina Sablikova - Karatbars Collector Card

Martina Sablikova, world famous speed skater supports us with her own branding card. She is a Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She became the first Czech to win two Olympic gold medals at one Winter Games in the 2010 Olympiad. The profits from the sale of these cards will help build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic.

Karatbars supports Voices of Africa with their own branded card. This foundation is dedicated to providing sustainable development through information, empowerment, food and education to children in Africa.

And to top it off, we have thousands upon thousands of very happy affiliates

around the globe (123 countries) making money with Karatbars!

Affiliates get paid what they have earned, on time each Friday

and Gold shipments are always received in a timely manner.

How to Get Started

It's simple to get started in Karatbars. Simply follow the steps below!

1.  Enroll free and create your account.

2.  Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) part of the enrollment process.

3.  Purchase a Package (Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP)

4.  Purchase gold in the amount you want, as often as you want.

(approximately $65 U.S. for 1 gram of gold)

5.  Enroll two (or more) people who will do the same.


Please note: All dollar amounts vary depending on the price of gold

on any given day! Before purchasing a package, check with your

credit card company to make sure they will approve a purchase from Germany.

How to Buy GOLD from your KaratBars Back Office

KYC (Know Your Customer) Process 

It is best to upload your KYC documents as you are enrolling, however if you're unable to that, you can still enroll and purchase a business package.


1.  You do not have to upload your KYC documents before you purchase your first package.  Your package will not be shipped until your documents have been uploaded and approved.  You will not be able to upgrade to another package until you upload your documents and are approved.

2.  You do not have to upload your KYC documents before you can enroll someone.

3.  If you are a customer, you must upload your KYC documents before you can purchase gold.

4.  If you have commissions coming, you will not get paid until you upload your KYC documents.

You will need to upload two separate documents to prove you are who you say you are!  When you enroll be sure to use the same name that is on your proof of ID and your address.

1.  Proof of ID, such as passport, drivers license, id card.  Must contain photo, name and date of birth.

2.  Proof of address, such as utility bill, phone bill or bank statement not older than 6 months.  Must show your residential address.  This is where your card will be shipped.


The approval process takes several days.  You will see that you are approved in the back office, it will say:  KYC Status is approved. Your enroller can help walk you through this process.

Enrolling Someone in Karatbars  

Before you begin, it is extremely important that when you are ready to enroll yourself, or someone else, you need to call your credit card or debit card company and inform them you are going to make a purchase in Germany and make sure they are aware and will approve it.

It is highly suggested you make the transaction while on the phone with your credit / debit card company.


When you enroll a new person in Karatbars, it is important to understand the enrollment process.


Before you enroll a new person, decide where you want them to be, on your right or on your left leg. You can also discuss with your upline enroller what leg would be best to place them. Then make sure to go to your back office to "Team Statistics" then "Duel Systems", before they enroll and set the placement to either to the left or right leg.


Always "walk" your new member through the enrollment process, or in some cases, do it for them with them on the phone or with you to provide the necessary information.


You will need the following information to enroll (register) someone:

Page 1 of the Registration           Page 2 of the Registration

Verify your username and #       Their name, first and last

username for them                      Their birth date (month, day and year)

password for them                       Their address & country

email for them                              Their phone number


1    You will enroll them on your personal Karatbars website.  Your website will be www.karatbars.com/?s=your username

2    Click on the "registration" link at the top right corner of your Karatbars website.

3    Click the "Affiliate" choice (or customer if they are becoming a customer).

4    Verify that your username is in the "Sponsor Details" box, if it isn't there, you are not on your personal website.  

Do not enroll  them unless you are on the correct site.

5    Your Karatbars ID should also be filled in with your personal ID number.

6    Complete the form, with their username, password and email address, agree to the Privacy policy terms. Click continue.

7    Complete the "International Registration Form" with their name, birth date, address, country, phone number they usually use,  

and then click the "Register" button.  You will be taken to a page that says you've enrolled them correctly.

Note:  when you enter your phone number, there is already a +1 there, leave it, and add your area code and number, no  

hyphens.  i.e. it will look like this:   +13605551629

8    Next, if they are ready, they need upload their KYC documents and purchase a package.

9    Click on the login button at the top of the page, enter username and password.

Your website address is:   www.karatbars.com/?s=yourusername

Your Karatbars Prepaid Mastercard

When you earn commissions in Karatbars, your earnings will

automatically be transferred to your Karatbars Mastercard.  

Earnings that are paid weekly are transferred to your

Mastercard on Fridays, the Friday following the close of the

previous week (there is a week's lag time).



How to get your Mastercard

When you've earned $45 in commissions, you will automatically be issued a Mastercard, it will be mailed to the address you provided when you enrolled, so be on the lookout for an envelope from Karatbars!


The cost for the card and the minimum deposit required will be taken from your commissions.  Set up of the card is $25 and the balance of $20 is the amount for the minimum deposit on the card.



Steps to setting up your card when you get it

1)  Sign your name on the reverse side of the card.


2)  Activate your card and get your PIN by phoning any of the numbers provided in your back office.  (Note:  The US number on the letter isn't correct.)


The correct US phone number is posted in your back office, under the commissions tab, and then card login.  At this time it is, 1-877-239-3069.


You will need to provide your card number (16 digits) and your birth date (format is 012743 if your birthday is January 27, 1943).  And then you will be given a PIN over the phone.  Be sure to write it down!


Future commissions will not be transferred to your card until you activate it, your commissions will say "pending" because they cannot be transferred to your card.



About your Mastercard and how to access

Once you've completed these steps your card is ready for use online, over the phone and at 32 million locations worldwide.


Your Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services, a separate company from Karatbars International.


To access your card, log into your Karatbars backoffice, click on the "Commissions" link, then "Card Login".  In the middle of the page you will see "For your Karatbars Prepaid Card:   please click here".


You will be taken to the Prepaid Financial Services website.  Enter your 16 digit card number and the PIN that was given to you over the phone when you activated your card.


You can check your balance and activity.


Remember:  the amounts in the Prepaid Financial Services website are in euros, you can multiply the euros by 1.35 to get approximately the amount in U.S. dollars!  

How to build a Karatbars Team

Individuals may create a Customer account, considered a Guardian account, for children under the age of 18. A child's account cannot make money (earned commissions), cannot get a Mastercard, and must have a Birth Certificate doc for Minor. If you do not have the Birth Certificate, you cannot register the account!


You Must sponsor as a “CUSTOMER” ONLY. Register a new account sponsored by your Primary PERSONAL account. Pay attention to placement, be sure where you want that account to go, right or left.

Register the name on the account as the name of Parent/Guardian, the address on the account is the Parent/Guardian address, and date of birth is Parent/Guardian; email & phone must be different than Parent/Guardian's account to be able to register.

Once registered, go to Edit Profile tab and add Beneficiary as name of Minor, and Date of Birth of Minor, and SAVE UPDATE. Now upload 3 KYCs: ID of GUARDIAN, POA of GUARDIAN and Birth Certificate of Minor.

Once approved you can buy gold.

DO NOT make account "Affiliate", or buy a package for account! Must be “CUSTOMER” ONLY or account will be terminated!

Only after the child turns 18 years of age can the account become an "Affillate" account, able to purchase a package and able to make commissions.

Setting Up A Gold Savings Account For Minors Under 18