Karatbars has two ways to join:

ONEbecome a customer by opening a FREE account. When you become a customer, it’s much like your local savings account, only with Karatbars International, your account is off-shore with REAL GOLD, vaulted 100% safe and secure until you want it shipped directly to you. You can acquire more gold each month simply by trading your devaluing paper currency for “currency grade” gold money and having full and unlimited access to monitor your purchases through your online account.

TWObecome an affiliate by opening a FREE account. You receive a direct commission monthly off of every person you sign up to purchase gold, from packages purchased and when they upgrade to a higher package through the (Uni-level Pay Plan).

We recommend everyone to open an “Affiliate” account for the purpose of generating monetary commissions and/or FREE GOLD. Signing up with Karatbars for that reason alone is a no brainer.

*NOTE: Gold savings accounts for children under the age of 18 can only be opened as a “customer account” due to child labor laws.

Generating commissions by sharing this opportunity
is completely optional AND extremely lucrative!

For The Serious Entrepreneur you will want to purchase a package. You will receive all of the above mentioned along with the opportunity to make a substantial weekly profit with the benefit of 7 streams of income through the (Duel System Pay Plan). This is for those who are serious about building a very lucrative business with passive income and obtaining perpetual gold.

If you decide to purchase a package you have residual income for life; but either way at the end of the day any of the paper currency that you turned into gold is yours to keep and YOU ARE LEFT WITH SOMETHING OF VALUE.

We’ve made building wealth a possibility,
it’s up to you to make it a reality!