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Martina Sablikova - Karatbars Collector Card

Martina Sablikova, world famous speed skater supports us with her own branding card. She is a Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She became the first Czech to win two Olympic gold medals at one Winter Games in the 2010 Olympiad. The profits from the sale of these cards will help build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic.

Karatbars supports Voices of Africa with their own branded card. This foundation is dedicated to providing sustainable development through information, empowerment, food and education to children in Africa.

And to top it off, we have thousands upon thousands of very happy affiliates

around the globe (123 countries) making money with Karatbars!

Affiliates get paid what they have earned, on time each Friday

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1. Gold can be passed down from generation to generation

Many of American Bullion’s clients like the fact that they can easily pass down their precious metals to their children as a way of transferring their wealth. The gold coins you buy today could eventually become an important family heirloom. You are not only passing down your wealth, but also giving a gift that is lustrous, valuable, and long-lasting. Passing down paper assets could not be the same.


2. Gold never perishes or rusts

Gold doesn’t perish and never tarnishes or rusts. You can hold it for a long, long time and not worry about it deteriorating, which ties into the previous example – the gold you give to your children will be just as pretty and valuable as it was when you first bought it.


3. Physical gold cannot be “hacked”

The way banks are robbed has changed. With so much banking occurring electronically now, thieves have managed to steal millions through hacking. Recently, hackers stole $1 billion from over 100 banks in 30 nations, the majority of them being in Russia, Japan, and the United States. A report on the incident called it “the most sophisticated attack the world has seen to date.” Gold, being a physical asset that is under your receivership, is not subject to these types of modern day threats.


4. Gold cannot “go out of business”

Companies come and go, and so do the stocks of their shareholders. Gold, however, cannot “go out of business”. It will always be around, just as it has been for thousands of years. That right there is enough to give many gold owners peace of mind regarding their investments.


5. Gold has no counterparty risk

Investopedia defines counterparty risk as “The risk to each party of a contract that the counterparty will not live up to its contractual obligations.” In other words, it is the risk that party A does not keep its promise to party B that was made in the contract. With physical gold, there is no counterparty risk. There are no contracts signed; you do not have to worry about contractual obligations not being fulfilled by someone else. You simply purchase the gold and outright own it, with no strings attached. This too gives gold owners tremendous peace of mind.

The Following Videos

Will Change How You Look At Money


Historically, paper money has always failed.

The Fiat End Game: Preparing For A Way Forward
The Power to Create Money - Sound Money Campaign
The End of the Dollar - Sound Money Campaign
The Federal Reserve System  The Biggest Crime You Will Live Under In Your Lifetime

Why Gold?

The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services are continuously rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling. Central banks attempt to stop severe inflation, along with severe deflation, in an attempt to keep the excessive growth of prices to a minimum. As time has shown, no matter what they try to do, printing more paper currency will always result in your dollar losing its purchasing power. Since 1913, the cumulative rate of inflation has increased to over 2289.9%. Since 1995, if you purchased an item for $20.00 then the same item again in 2015, you would now be paying $31.05. Just in that small time period our dollar has a cumulative rate of inflation of over 55.2%. In the event of the dollar collapsing, are your finances secured?

Preserve Your Buying Power

Wealthy people get it, they are moving out of currencies because there not earning enough interest income in their bank account to offset the risks and going into physical ownership of assets such as real-estate and gold. People are exiting money out of bank accounts and paying massive amounts into physical assets and more rapidly into gold. People have generally lost sight as to what money really is. The paper that is circulating as currency, that’s not really money in a sense that it doesn’t settle an obligation. As governments continue to print paper currency quicker and more abundantly, where does that leave the true value of your savings in the next ten years?


Begin securing your future, one gram at a time

If you accept any national currency, you have payment risk, inflation risk you have bank risks. And it’s these types of risks people are losing sight of. People are accepting these risks without realizing how sever those risks are. The risks of holding money in banks today are quite large. The risk of inflation is quite large. The risk of various promises being broken by governments are quite large. We have the solution to put back the control into people’s lives. For the first time in history, gold ownership is now available to the average person in denominations starting as low as one gram purchases: Pure, 999.9% 24 KT Certified Currency Grade Gold Bullion stamped with the London Bullion Market Association’s stamp of certification.

Five examples of less talked-about reasons to buy gold.

Hidden Secrets Of Money

hosted by Mike Maloney

Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1 - Mike Maloney
Ron Paul speaks out! Economic Collapse is Happening Now! Protect Yourself!!!

Ron Paul speaks out!

Economic Collapse is Happening Now! 

7 Reasons You Should be Saving in Gold
James Turk on the Price of Gold vs the US Dollar   He explains the value of owning gold
Peter Schiff -  Gold vs Dollar
MUST WATCH - Coming Global Economic Reset Film

It's  Happening!

Currency resets happen repeatedly in history,

but never before on a GLOBAL SCALE!

These unfolding events WILL impact your life dramatically!

Solutions To An Economic Collapse: Gary Franchi with G. Edward Griffin

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3

If you bought $100 worth of goods and services in 2003 you would need $128 to buy the same goods and services in 2014.

That means if you saved that $100 in a bank in 2003, in 2014 it would be worth less than $100.


However, a gram of Gold in 2003 was priced around $8, today a gram of gold is around $65.

So if you were to have saved $100 in Gold rather than dollars, you would have increased your wealth.