The Highest Asset Class Of Gold In The World, In Small Denominations

The First Smartphone with Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP)

Blockchain-Based CryptoCurrency Backed By Physical Gold Bullion

Building your Future with Gold

Gold Is The Currency Of Kings,
Debt Is The Currency Of Slaves.


Gold has been valued as a precious commodity since before money was even invented. Unlike paper currency, gold has maintained or increased its value throughout the ages… and for 5000 years has been recognized for (as well as maintained) it’s purity as a commodity of REAL value and has been recognized for ALWAYS holding an unwavering and consistent form of value, even when paper fiat currency systems collapse, and it’s value isn’t dependent on the “printing of MORE fiat currency”.

Gold is the only global currency that transcends all government bureaucracy.

Karatbars International’s mission is to make
the highest quality Gold available in the world,
easily accessible to the masses
of honest people around the world
at a price point everyone can afford.

~ Harald Seiz, CEO


Inflation Proof Your Financial Future
And Position Yourself For Generational Wealth
With Unprecedented Privacy And Security!

Physical Gold

The highest asset class of gold in the world. 24 karat 999.9% pure gold bullion produced by LBMA-accredited refineries, in affordable, transaction friendly weights and easy to liquidate.

Blockchain Smartphone

IMPulse K1 is designed to keep your identity safe while doing normal day to day online activities like messaging, talking, sending or receiving money, browsing the internet, etc.


KBC and KCB coins is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency backed by “PHYSICAL GOLD”, not certificates, not stocks, but actual Physical Gold bullion with 6 ½ metric tons of Gold Vaulted Currently.