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This is more than cryptocurrency,
it’s a complete paradigm shift!

The last opportunity to purchase our KCB coin with bonuses thru Karatbars is December 15th.

Going public on stock exchange and official IPO prospectus will be published on December 15th

New bank “financial institution” will be open for business December 15th

Newly purchased gold mine in Brazil begins operations December 15th

Hard-Fork will be December 16th.

Our coin will no longer be available for purchase thru Karatbars after December 15th but only thru KaratBit and public crypto exchanges.


The Worlds First And Only
Blockchain-Based CryptoCurrency
That’s Backed By Physical Gold Bullion!

We have 6 ½ metric tons of Gold Vaulted currently to back our coins. We have 900 metric tons in our Guinea and Madagascar mines that is allocated to continue to back our coins. Karatbars has announced the purchase of a new gold mine in Brazil with 2000 tons confirmed. Operations begin on December 15th 2019. This consolidates the promise of the company to back their cryptocurrency coins in physical gold.

At the Karatbars summit in Dubai last March, Joseph Heit (the chairman of the board) for “Gold Standard Bank” stated that he believes that the Market Cap will be over $200 billion by year 2023!
He also mentioned that it’s Very possible that our coin will be worth one kilogram of gold! That’s around $50,000!


  • KBC is a product of KaratGold Coin by KaratGold Corporation PTE LTD
  • 12 billion KBC sold January – April 2018
  • KaratGold Coin has raised over $100 million to become one of the largest ICO’s in history.
  • Already trading on major exchanges
  • Starting from July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold.
  • KBC is backed by gold of Fort Dauphin, a gold mine in Madagascar having gold reserves of $1.2 billion and the biggest mine in the world with 200 tons deposit of gold (additional 500 tons in access) in Guinea.
  • The growth outlook for the KBC is guaranteed by Gold Standard’s global mining network.


  • KCB launched September 2018
  • 50 billion for sale until December 15th 2019
  • KCB is the coin of KaratCoin Bank, the world’s first Crypto Bank.
  • With blockchain everyone can see where and how gold is stored and to which value KCB is backed by gold.
  • KCB is represented by a real bank office in Miami, USA.
  • As of the MAINNET / KaratNet release on September 15th 2019, both KBC and KCB coins has their own blockchain with market value protection.
  • The single coin will be fully backed by gold and exchangeable for gold.

Our Coins Are Designed To Be Stable
With Market Value Protection
Fully Backed By Gold And Exchangeable For Gold.

100 KBC = 1G GOLD

Since Independence Day, 4th of July 2019

75 KBC = 1G GOLD

Starting January 1st 2020

Watch How 100,000 KBC Coins Are Exchanged Into One Kilogram Of Gold, Worth $42,000

No other company has the backing or even the infrastructure that Karatbars has!

What is the best way to:
1. Ensure you cannot be closed down in any jurisdiction?                            A) Be present in many

2. Ensure the supply of gold that you need?                                                    A) Own the gold mines

3. Ensure that your customers can exchange crypto/gold/fiat?                   A) Own the exchange

4. Ensure that banks do not block your customers transactions?                A) Own the bank and ATM’s

5. Ensure you have the correct amount and type of cryptocurrency           A) Create the coins

6. Ensure you have a blockchain that suits your needs?                                A) Create the blockchain

10 Blockchain Companies To Watch In 2019


John McAfee, the founder of the antivirus software company, “McAfee Associates”, has not only endorsed our coin and our blockchain, he has also been a large influence and has personally been blown away by the development our blockchain technology.

ANY QUESTIONS? CALL US AT: 800 807 1446.


Be Part Of The Only
Global Gold Payment System

The mission of KaratCoin Bank is to create and develop a global infrastructure that will become a bridge between conventional and cryptocurrency financial systems. This will make KaratCoin Bank the center of the future economy built on blockchain technologies. The KCB coin is the backbone of the crypto-based wealth building system managed by Karatcoin Bank which is the best designed and secured of its kind.

As you can see, purchasing KCB at current levels per coin could be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. These are destined to produce a dramatic growth in value and become more and more popular as word gets out about this gold backed cryptocurrency and our complete Financial Eco-System. At this time, only the fortunate know what’s coming and many simply cannot believe it to be true…so many will not decide to “jump in” until they see the price rise even more… and it will be soon.


CashGold ATM’s | Watch Video

Buy CryptoCurrency The Smart Way


It’s entirely FREE to open a gold savings account and start acquiring the world’s purest gold in very affordable increments and crypto backed by physical gold bullion. All products and services are optional and NO credit card number is needed to open an account.

It is your decision how much gold or crypto you want to purchase and how often you want to purchase. You are not obligated to ever buy any if you choose not to! You are in control! When you decide to purchase you can have your gold stored for Free or shipped directly to you by Fedex.

Easy. Discreet. Affordable. No Obligation. No Fees. No Surprises.
Without a Bank or a Broker. – Just the way you want it!


ANY QUESTIONS? CALL US AT: 800 807 1446.

Were Going Public - COMING SOON

We will be the FIRST EVER blockchain, cryptocurrency and technology company to be listed on the stock exchange! First, on the Frankfurt stock exchange in Germany, followed by London, New York, Johannesburg, Singapore and Europe. This confirms the credibility of this company and puts Karatbars firmly ahead of all competition. On the 15th of December 2019 the official IPO prospectus will be published with all relevant information about the IPO (initial public offering).


Our new financial institution will be a online bank with physical branches in Brazil, Europe and US. Affiliates of Karatbars will have advantages and privileges over regular customers. Bank (debit/credit cards) with different levels of status such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP and Black will be available for our members.

Karatbars owns a gold mine in “Fort Dauphin” Madagascar with 23,000 kg gold reserves. They also have a license to operate and develop in 12 mining reserves in Guinea which amounts to 200,000 kg in gold reserves. Karatbars has announced the purchase of a new gold mine in Brazil with 2000 tons confirmed. Operations begin on December 15th 2019. This consolidates the promise of the company to back their cryptocurrency coins in physical gold.

KaratNet is the fastest and most dynamic blockchain ever invented and is 100% secure. It will be used for all transactions on our ecosystem and the two revolutionary devices, the Impulse K1 smartphone phone and the newly revealed Whim laptop.
For example, the blockchain for Bitcoin (BTC) processes about 7 transactions per second, Ethereum (ETH) processes 15 transactions per second. Karatbars KaratNet blockchain processes multiple thousands of transactions per second.

The world’s first fully licensed cryptocurrency bank. Therefore you can fully trust that your money/cryptocurrency is going to be backed up by an institution when you trade and hold cryptocurrencies within this bank. It is more secure and transparent than the other crypto exchanges and wallets that currently exist.

Karatbit is the digital currency trading exchange platform. You can trade assets like BTC, ETH, USD and KBC. Karatbit enables everybody to trade between crypto and also fiat assets.
We accept Cashgold via Karatpay. Store your gold and trade it into crypto currencies.

Retailers that have K-Exchange can except Karatbars physical gold as payment. If you have CashGold in your KaratPay account you can also pay the shopkeeper by using your KaratPay app. With every K-Exchange Center you have the ability to exchange your fiat paper money into Karatbars Gold and of course from Karatbars Gold back into fiat paper money.

Use KaratPay and KaratPay Mobile App for the purpose of using your CashGold for online transactions with stores, online shops and individuals that have KaratPay accounts.

K-Merchant is the world’s first fully featured Crypto Payment solution of the world that accepts the major cryptocurrencies. This is a quick and private payment method which the customer can use by opening their wallet and scanning a QR code. A great way for merchants to receive payments for goods and services via crypto, yet having the choice to convert the payment received to fiat on the spot. On top of that, has the lowest payment fees on the market, no setup fee, no subscription, nor transaction fees for the merchant. Game changer!
Essentially, K-Merchant is like Apple Pay or Google Pay but allows the vendor to receive cryptocurrencies as payment that’s transparent and decentralized on our exclusive blockchain that can handle, Three Trillion Transactions Per Day!

Inflation Proof Your Financial Future
And Position Yourself For Generational Wealth
With Unprecedented Privacy And Security!