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Which do you prefer to save

If You Saved $300 Monthly 1992-2012 = $72,000

Saved with GOLD Money

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$164,000 PROFIT

Tangible asset: GOLD!

Saved with PAPER Currency

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Declining PAPER Fiat Currency



There Are Two Very Different Asset Classes For Physical Gold

Currency Grade Gold
Recognized and used by Governments,
Central Banks and Financial Institutions as
“Good For Settlement of Debt”

Bought at “retail” price
Weight is ALWAYS Measured in Grams
Must Be 999.9% Pure
Must Be Rectangular Shaped
Must Be Accredited by an LBMA Refinery
Must Be on London Good Delivery List

NON-Currency Grade Gold
Troy Ounce Coins, Jewelry, Etc
NOT Recognized as
“Good For Settlement of Debt”

Bought at “spot” market price
Weight Measured in Troy Ounce
Most Gold Coins are NOT 999.9 pure
Weight and Purity Is Up to Owner to Prove



• 24 karat 999.9% pure gold bullion – the highest quality GOLD in the world

• Produced and minted by LBMA-accredited refineries found on the London Good Delivery List (GDL)

• Privately issued – CANNOT be confiscated or subject to seizure under current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Laws



• Spendable, transaction friendly weights, that now EVERYONE CAN AFFORD

• Same “asset class” that’s recognized and used by governments, central banks and financial institutions

• Independent from Banks and Governments

• Physical Ownership, Tangible Asset protection

• Emergency Reserves for Anyone, Anywhere

• Can be used to trade/barter or purchase goods and services using K-Exchange Centers (that are rapidly growing around the world)

• Easy to liquidate – turn back into cash in any country in the world (when times get tough)

• Sell back to Karatbars at a higher price than you would from any gold dealer

• Has consistently maintained a 2-4% better price on gold bullion than all other competition

When it comes to gold, Karatbars bullion
is in a superior asset class
compared to any type of gold coin.


• The gold ingot is imbedded in a heat-sealed plastic card the size of a credit card which acts as the certificate of authenticity

• The serial number, quality and weight is on the front of the gold ingot.

• The official Karatbars logo is embedded directly in to the gold ingot on back by the NADIR refinery.

• Unable to be counterfeited. The card itself is a globally recognized certificate guaranteeing that its contents are genuine.

• LBMA certification, quality and weight is on the back with Assayer’s signature that certifies the gold quality and weight.

• The certified gold is embedded into a special scratch – resistant laminate.

• The gold is coated in a DNA dust that is 100% forgery proof, so it offers the highest security standard worldwide.

• The Karatbars circular mag design on back is a hologram in itself.

• Karatbars logo on the front, below the gold ingot, viewable ONLY under a black-light bulb for authenticity.

• Karatbars 1 gram ingots weigh in at 1.01 grams, above the legal limit if a country tries to exercise a VAT Tax on 1-gram bars.

• Karatbars offers FREE storage offshore, vaulted under High Security and or Fedex insured delivery to your door in 138 countries.

• Karatbars gold is insured throughout the shipping/delivery process and is valid until you sign that you have received your gold.

• Karatbars accounts are private and SECURE, more so than the FDIC, CDIC, or ANY gold sales in the USA or Canada.

• Karatbars cannot be counterfeited, and are verifiable by obvious and instant inspection.



Karatbars International has a buy-back option where you can sell your karatbars gold back for the best buy-back price of that day, at a higher price than you would from any gold dealer. Your money is put into your Karatbars account or on your karatbars prepaid Mastercard.

You can also go to a local gold dealer and they will buy them from you at the going rate on that day.


If you own an ounce of gold, and you need to liquidate only a few hundred dollars, you will need to sell the whole ounce. If you have high inflation, you will want to leave as much as possible in gold. The inconvenience of finding a dealer willing to give you a fair price without having to stand in line etc., is something to consider as well. Karatbars small denominations eliminate the need to convert to cash or use more than is required at that time. You cannot chip off a piece from an ounce and expect anyone to give you just that amount in paper cash or goods and services.

Classic Cards

Classic Cards

Classic cards are slightly more expensive but still lower than competitors.

“Many people incorrectly assume the SPOT PRICE of gold to be the actual price at which the general public can make a purchase.” The spot price of gold is defined as the current market price at which that particular product can be bought or sold by market traders. “To put it simply, the Spot Price of Gold is the price that currency traders can buy and sell gold future contracts, it is NOT the price at which you can buy physical gold.” Small quantities of Gold Bullion that customers can purchase is usually set at a slightly higher price than what the spot price of gold is.

PRICES – Apples to Apples
Think about this: A Mercedes is a car just like a Ford is a car – the bottom line is they are both cars, BUT the reality is one costs more, is worth more, and retains its value way better than the other. Gold bars, coins, and ingots are all GOLD, but they come in varying purity and weights.

So if you want to compare apples to apples, ask a broker what their price is for a 999.9% grade 1-gram gold bullion produced by an LBMA-certified refinery? We’ll tell you now, no one can touch Karatbars prices! Karatbars has consistently maintained a 2 – 4% better price but here is the real kicker, even if a broker could match or beat Karatbars prices, can they give you FREE gold for referring others? No, we didn’t think so!

Cash Gold Cards

$49.05 Pricing Date 1/24/2019

$147.16 Pricing Date 1/24/2019

$294.31 Pricing Date 1/24/2019


When taking the cost of an ounce of gold and dividing it by 32 (the number of grams in an ounce of gold), the result is a lot less than the actual price for a gram of gold. Why is that?

As with most things, the larger the amount of goods you purchase at a time, the less you pay per individual portion.

For example, let’s say you purchase a gallon of milk at the price of $2.99. If you divide that by 4 (there are 4 quarts in a gallon) the cost for a quart of milk would be $.75, but the actual cost for a quart of milk at the same store at the same time is $1.35. You can see in this example, when buying in a larger quantity, the cost per quart is much lower.

Another example, an 8 oz. cup of coffee at Starbucks costs $1.45 (.18 per ounce) and if you buy a 20 oz. cup, it costs $2.25 (.11 per ounce). Again, the larger the quantity, the cost per ounce is much lower.

The same principle applies to gold. Remember, make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at prices, not all gold is the same!

Tip for savers: Buying the 5gram card gets you a lower buying price than buying a 1gm or 2.5 gram card.


Yes, there are other dealers from whom you can purchase gold for less per gram. Some of them, such as Argor Heraeus, are from LBMA accredited refineries. The difference with Karatbars is due to the built in security features. Argor Heraeus or Pamp Suisse does not offer the security technology that Karatbars does.

In 1993 UBS bank from Switzerland announced the creation of the Kinebar, which is the hologram feature on the backside of the gold. This was the first time in history that people felt comfortable removing their bullion from the vaults. Prior to that, the gold stayed in storage because it would lose value once it was not under the bailsmen’s watch.

If someone took physical delivery and ever needed to convert the gold back into a currency, then the burden was on them, the holder of the gold, to prove purity, fineness and weight once again. The creation of the hologram/Kinebar made world news within days. The Kinebar gold bar is the most sought after gold in the world, even today, allowing restoration of confidence for the owner to take physical delivery of the product. As long as the hologram remains intact, the holder does not have the burden to prove the gold has not been altered or manipulated.

However, if the gold does not have this feature and you need to liquidate, then the burden of proof is on you to find an assayer to assay the gold and verify purity, fineness & weight all over again. This process is not only costly but also time consuming. Should you wish to liquidate, do you really want to wait for the assaying process to be completed before you can get your cash???

You can search all over the Internet or go to other bullion brokers, what you will find is that most all bullion brokers are out of stock on Kinebar gold. A primary reason being that the security technology saves a ton of grief, time and expense when and if you find yourself in a situation to sell.

There are only 2 refineries, other than Karatbars, that use this technology. They are Argo Heraeus and UBS. Karatbars has always required this technology from those who produce our product. Unfortunately, around 3 years ago UBS and Argo Heraeus trademarked the name Kinebar, preventing us from using the word to show a comparison. We, therefore, refer to our security feature as Hologram Protection.

As of January of this year (2016), Karatbars has created a much safer and more secure product than anyone else in the marketplace. All of our gold still has the hologram, but we now also use DNA technology, whereby the gold is bathed literally in a unique DNA bath. We also have Genetic Markers hidden in the card and gold itself which can only be seen by black light technology.

Our lamination process is second-to-none!!!! In the beginning we had the refineries produce our gold with the same lamination used by UBS and Argo Heraeus. Unfortunately, we had issues with the laminate peeling. This led Harald Seiz to find the highest lamination technology in the world. He purchased the machines and hired the staff, which allows us to now seal the gold in-house at our corporate offices.

I would challenge anyone to hold a UBS 1 gram Kinebar next to a 1 gram Karatbar… there is absolutely no contest when it comes to quality and security. I would also challenge anyone to find a gram with this technology that is being sold for less. Karatbars will be from $5 to $20 less per gram than any other reseller from what I have seen.

PRICING FACTS by Senior Member of Karatbars Leadership Council

Pricing Facts
When producing 31 grams from a single ounce bar, the labor will also increase by 31 times. The labor is intensified due to each unit must have a serial number and is assayed & certified separately. Gram weights are normally so expensive to produce that most refineries do not offer individual grams for sale, much less, one gram at a time.

The important factor is that the premium/production costs added to produce the smaller units will stay attached forever. When selling to a reputable dealer, they will also recognize the production costs of the smaller units and also respect the premium.
Lets compare this on the opposite side of the Gold Industry. If you wanted a kilo or good delivery bar, You are likely to hear the term, below spot or spot minus 2%… It simply takes less labor to produce, assay, serialize, mint, store 1 kilo rather than 32 -1 ounce bars or 1000 = 1 gram bars. The key to really know the value is to look at our competitors and read the small print on the additional, storage, delivery and minimums required to purchase.

I suggest using GOOGLE and then do a search for the following key words to prove the value in the marketplace for a product comparable to a Karatbar.

LBMA kinebar (hologram)
1 gram 999.9 gold bullion
1/24/2019 pricing

Example: http://goldderoyale.com.au/shopping/products.php?cat=1&scat=26

Their cost: $97 usd
Karatbars cost: $49.05 usd
As of 1/24/2019

(price can be seen at the bottom of the page for similar product)

Example: https://suissegold.com/product.php?productid=16213&cat=249&bestseller=Y

Their cost: 82.28 usd
Karatbars cost: $49.05 usd
As of 1/24/2019

You will also find this very interesting that most Gold Re-sellers are constantly out of stock of gold grams that are produced with the kinebar/ hologram feature and produced by an LBMA refinery. What is a Karatbar & Why is it So Special ???

Our 999.9 pure gold is heat sealed into a card similar to size of a credit card. The card itself acts as the certificate which aids in proving authenticity. Within the body of the card/ certificate you will find, the assayers signature, the valued LBMA stamp (which basically means currency grade or gold that is on the good delivery list and may be used to settle debts globally) and last but not least, the unique hologram which adorns the reverse side of the gold gram will all be found within the confines of the Karatbar. The hologram/kinebar feature was introduced by UBS bank in 1993 and literally made headlines around the world. The addition of the embossed hologram on the underside of the gold acts as a a security device which proves using a naked eye the product has not been tampered with. In 1993, UBS bank created the first hologram, they refer to as a kinebar. In 2012, UBS trademarked the name kinebar referring to the hologram. Karatbars followed suit and trademarked the name Karatbars to distinguish our product from others.

Using the hologram technology, it was the first time in history where owners of physical gold felt comfortable removing the gold from the vaults and from under the bailsmen watchful eye, to take physical possession of their gold. Previously, once removed from the vault, the gold lost value and the burden was on the owner to prove it was purity & authenticity. Many times prior, the gold would have had to been assayed and in many cases re-melted, to actually prove there was not any tampering with the gold and its purity.
You may find that very few brokers actually offer increments as low as a single gram for delivery. People have been paying a higher price for gold produced with a hologram since 1993 when the hologram was introduced to the physical market. It is simply worth quite a bit more when it removes the need or burden for gold owners to ” prove it is ,what you say it is.”

I am aware of only few refineries world wide, who offer the single gram weights. This is due to the low profit margins and the increased labor intensity needed to produce the small 1 gram units. While many brokers will use the gram weight to entice customers, we find when clients look at the small print they see they can not buy “just a single gram.” They post the gram price as a sales ploy and in the fine print explain you need to purchase 1000 grams minimum which is the weight of a kilo bar. The value of a Karatbar is one of the best in the industry based on the size and security features as well as being heat sealed within the certificate of authenticity.

Cherylanne Gober
Senior Member
Karatbars Leadership Council
Karatbars International

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