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The blockchain laptop offers you a choice in opting for the operating system to work upon. The users can use Windows as well as Karatbars Operating System depending upon their convenience.

Cryptocurrency investors will find the Whim Laptop as their best companion owing to the multiple facilities it will offer to them. The laptop offers crypto wallet manager, trading apps, blockchain apps, NFC transfer apps, etc.

The Whim laptop has a mini screen on top of its exterior body which serves as a Point-of-Sale solution. It helps in scanning bar codes which is undoubtedly a unique feature for a laptop. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the laptop which ensures security and reliability.

As the laptop runs on our exclusive blockchain platform, there can never be a situation when the machine will run out of space. The users can enjoy unlimited storage which makes it a perfect choice for people who manage their business operations on laptops. Also, the users can instantly sync their VOB Impulse-K1 phone with the laptop.


Key Features

► Blockchain Encrypted E-mail

► Blockchain Workplace

► B – IPFS Storage Cloud

► K-Merchant

► KaratBit

► Encrypted Web Navigation

► Blockchain Social Media Platform

► Gold Vault Box

► Wallet Manager

► Cryptodata App Market Place


Security Features

► Encrypted Physical Key

► Password

► Security PIN

► Face Identification

► Worm Guard


► Physical activation – Microphone/Camera

► Unique Private Key

► 90% More Gold

► Touchpad Fingerprint

► Second LCD Display

► Sim Card Slot

► Case Full Metal


Display: 14.1 inches – 1920×1080 IPS
Processor/CPU: i3 Gen. 8th 8130U
SDD: 512GB
Camera: 2 MP
Dual OS: Windows 10 & Karatbars/Cryptodata OS (Encrypted)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi 2 Bands, Ethernet, NFC, SIM Card Slot
Ports: HDMI, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 3.0 Type C, Audio Jack
Battery: 7.4 V/ 6000 mAH

IMPulse K1



The WHIM Laptop and IMPulse K1 Smartphone is the first and only in the world with Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). Apart from the luxurious touch, unique exquisite design, and stunning eye-catching appearance, this brand new “military-grade” technology will power your future with secure E2EE communications, P2P money transfer and private banking in each device. All information, text, voice, media, documents are sent via blockchain, fully encrypted and decentralized. Encrypted, meaning it is impossible for hackers to steal your identity, data, and/or any of your digital assets.

They both have a very user-friendly interface and are designed to keep your identity safe while doing normal day to day online activities like messaging, talking on the phone, sending or receiving money, browsing the internet, etc. We removed the middle man: telecommunication companies, private companies that can sell your browsing history, location history or banking records. All these operations are now P2P, E2EE saved on the Encryption Keychain.

These two products are suitable for any type of user and it can store any type of personal and business-related information. It’s perfect for cryptocurrency traders as it provides you with complete security. Furthermore it comes with a “sim card” linked to the blockchain so you can access the internet from ANYWHERE in the world. You also have infinite storage on our blockchain that is the fastest, dynamic Blockchain ever Created.


InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new Internet protocol that seeks to renew all current protocols offering an all-in-one solution with which to cover virtually any need. The IPFS protocol allows the creation of fully distributed applications, thus guaranteeing their availability throughout the network without relying on a single centralized server to provide a specific service.
IPFS is a totally free peer-to-peer distributed file system (it can be accessed from GitHub) that aims to connect all the computing devices with the same file system, thus offering a unique protocol, all in one, with which cover all the needs of the network. This protocol, in broad strokes, is the same as the current web, although implementing in it the BitTorrent protocol to guarantee access to it at all times.


P2P: P2P is the acronym in English of Peer-to-Peer, which can be translated as “peer-to-peer communication”. Usually, in a network, the linked computers are connected to a central server and they are called clients, hence the reference to client-server is common. As its name suggests, in a P2P network, computers connect and communicate with each other without using a central server, taking advantage of, optimizing and managing the capacity (bandwidth) of the network, so that it uses the best route among all the nodes. or computers that make it up.
Due to its characteristics, P2P networks have been used to exchange files, such as music, videos, documents and complete software packages. In the middle of the Internet the term P2P is very associated with the programs that allow this type of exchange, however it is not its only use.
Internet telephone systems use P2P networks to make voice transmission more efficient and, sometimes, also real-time video. A well-known example of this use of P2P is Skype.
Another use of P2P networks is for processing and handling large amounts of information.


End-2-End (End-to-End): The end-to-end principle is a design framework in computer networks. In networks designed according to this principle, the specific characteristics of the application reside in the final communication nodes of the network, rather than in the intermediate nodes.




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Were Going Public - COMING SOON

We will be the FIRST EVER blockchain, cryptocurrency and technology company to be listed on the stock exchange! First, on the Frankfurt stock exchange in Germany, followed by London, New York, Johannesburg, Singapore and Europe. This confirms the credibility of this company and puts Karatbars firmly ahead of all competition. On the 15th of December 2019 the official IPO prospectus will be published with all relevant information about the IPO (initial public offering).


Our new financial institution will be a online bank with physical branches in Brazil, Europe and US. Affiliates of Karatbars will have advantages and privileges over regular customers. Bank (debit/credit cards) with different levels of status such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP and Black will be available for our members.

Karatbars owns a gold mine in “Fort Dauphin” Madagascar with 23,000 kg gold reserves. They also have a license to operate and develop in 12 mining reserves in Guinea which amounts to 200,000 kg in gold reserves. Karatbars has announced the purchase of a new gold mine in Brazil with 2000 tons confirmed. Operations begin on December 15th 2019. This consolidates the promise of the company to back their cryptocurrency coins in physical gold.

KaratNet is the fastest and most dynamic blockchain ever invented and is 100% secure. It will be used for all transactions on our ecosystem and the two revolutionary devices, the Impulse K1 smartphone phone and the newly revealed Whim laptop.
For example, the blockchain for Bitcoin (BTC) processes about 7 transactions per second, Ethereum (ETH) processes 15 transactions per second. Karatbars KaratNet blockchain processes multiple thousands of transactions per second.

The world’s first fully licensed cryptocurrency bank. Therefore you can fully trust that your money/cryptocurrency is going to be backed up by an institution when you trade and hold cryptocurrencies within this bank. It is more secure and transparent than the other crypto exchanges and wallets that currently exist.

Karatbit is the digital currency trading exchange platform. You can trade assets like BTC, ETH, USD and KBC. Karatbit enables everybody to trade between crypto and also fiat assets.
We accept Cashgold via Karatpay. Store your gold and trade it into crypto currencies.

Retailers that have K-Exchange can except Karatbars physical gold as payment. If you have CashGold in your KaratPay account you can also pay the shopkeeper by using your KaratPay app. With every K-Exchange Center you have the ability to exchange your fiat paper money into Karatbars Gold and of course from Karatbars Gold back into fiat paper money.

Use KaratPay and KaratPay Mobile App for the purpose of using your CashGold for online transactions with stores, online shops and individuals that have KaratPay accounts.

K-Merchant is the world’s first fully featured Crypto Payment solution of the world that accepts the major cryptocurrencies. This is a quick and private payment method which the customer can use by opening their wallet and scanning a QR code. A great way for merchants to receive payments for goods and services via crypto, yet having the choice to convert the payment received to fiat on the spot. On top of that, has the lowest payment fees on the market, no setup fee, no subscription, nor transaction fees for the merchant. Game changer!
Essentially, K-Merchant is like Apple Pay or Google Pay but allows the vendor to receive cryptocurrencies as payment that’s transparent and decentralized on our exclusive blockchain that can handle, Three Trillion Transactions Per Day!